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Tom Clayton Erectors is a family owned and operated business that was founded in 2000.

We are a sub-contractor in Ohio that specializes in the construction and sheeting of pre-engineered buildings. We are also proficient at foundations, building layout, piers and site work.

We at Tom Clayton Erectors take safety seriously. We are certified in all equipment used at our job sites. We have all OSHA approved safety equipment including hard hats, safety glasses, roof brackets and lifelines. We also have an extensive knowledge of all OSHA rules and regulations.

We are also willing to travel out of state if necessary. We are 100% mobile and will bring all necessary equipment and tools to your job site anywhere in the United States.

Tom Clayton Erectors are building professionals with over 40 years of experience in the commercial building industry and we hope to be on your next bid list.

“Professionalism, attention to detail, on time completion and mobility are the characteristics that set Tom Clayton Erectors apart from the competition.”

- Tom Clayton, Owner

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About Tom Clayton

Tom Clayton has made a living through quality craftmanship, dedication to his customers and good honest business practices.

Tom Clayton is a zealous sub-contractor in the pre-engineered building and steel construction industry. He is extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of his trade. He and his staff work closely as a well-oiled machine to bring you a quality product in an efficient manner.

Tom is proficient in building layout, metal fabrication and OSHA rules and regulations. He and his staff are willing to travel throughout the United States to get your job completed.

Tom is not only a hard worker but also a dedicated family man with 6 wonderful children and a fantastic wife.

Abbreviated Timeline


Grove City YMCA

This building is approximately 40,000 square feet located in Grove City, OH. It is a building manufactured by Kirby Building Systems. This YMCA took 9 months to complete.


Scott's Lawn Warehouse

This building is approximately 350,000 square feet located in Orrville, OH. It is a building manufactured by Butler Manufacturing. This warehouse took 8 months to complete.


Wooster Tool

This building is approximately 44,000 square feet located in Wooster, OH. It is a building manufactured by Golden Giant. This project took 2 months to erect and sheet.


Family Dollar

This building is approximately 10,000 square feet located in Warren, OH. It is a building manufactured by Nucor Building Systems. This Family Dollar took 2 weeks to erect and sheet.

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